Facing the World was founded in 2002 by craniofacial surgeons Martin Kelly and Norman Waterhouse.

Martin was volunteering in Afghanistan with Children in Need when he met a young girl called Hadisa. At eight months old, she was carried hundreds of miles by her father to receive treatment after the village elders tried to stone her to death for the shame they thought she brought to their community. The medical facilities in Kabul were not equipped to deal with the severity of Hadisa’s condition. This was a situation Martin and Norman had experienced all too often while volunteering overseas. Martin decided Hadisa’s only option was to come to London for treatment.

In order to help other children like Hadisa they founded Facing the World.

Martin Kelly passed away in 2008. Please read our tribute to him.

So far Facing the World has treated over 40 patients in the UK, and more than 100 a year are now being treated through our Vietnam Project.






Martin Kelly and Norman Waterhouse - Facing the World Surgeons

Norman Waterhouse and Martin Kelly