UK Treatment

Every year Facing the World is referred hundreds of cases of children whose condition is serious and often life-threatening. We review these cases and seek to find the most effective treatment for each child.

Initially we contact local partner organisations to see if the child can be treated in their own country. If there is no option for treatment then plans will be made for the child to come to London. This decision is not taken lightly; taking a child and their guardian out of the home environment can be very disruptive to family life and education.

Once in London, we introduce families to people from their own community, who not only act as translators but also provide crucial emotional and social support.

The complexity of the medical conditions our children suffer from can mean that multiple procedures are required, and patients can stay in London for three to six months. During this time Facing the World makes sure that, where appropriate, children have access to schooling.

Following the child’s departure from the UK, we remain in contact with the family to ensure not only that the best possible medical support is provided, but that help is provided for the child’s future wellbeing. By working with our established network of local partner charities we can ensure that patients and their families have access to this crucial support from the moment of their return home. In this way, too, we can monitor progress and provide help when needed.



Kalyani with her father April 2003

Kalyani with her father following
her operation