Vietnam Programme

Eimear-Murphy1A core focus for Facing the World has always been to develop skills in regional centres to allow children and adults to be treated by local teams in their home countries. Teaching craniofacial techniques to surgeons outside the UK will enable sustainable facilities in countries where vital multi-disciplinary surgery has not previously been possible.

In 2008, Facing the World began a partnership with Da Nang General Hospital in Vietnam. Vietnam has a higher incidence of children born with severe facial disfigurement than almost anywhere else in the world. Some believe this to be linked to the use of a herbicide called Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

With its existing infrastructure and skills, and the many people in desperate need of help, Da Nang General Hospital has been the perfect partner for Facing the World to establish a craniofacial training and treatment programme.

Since its inception, the training programme has included:

The result of this pioneering programme is that over 100 patients, both children and adults, are seen each year, receiving the surgery and support care that they need. Through this successful partnership we have learnt valuable lessons about the viability of this work and have now begun a programme of further development in other parts of Vietnam.

In September of 2013, BBC1’s ‘Inside Out’ programme aired a powerful documentary featuring the work of Facing the World’s surgeons in Vietnam. You can read more about this here, and watch the documentary on Youtube.